Free Power Blueprint

A Suppressed Method for Generating Absolutely Free Electric Energy, and never paying a single dime for electricity again.

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A rarely known device, which will create absolutely free energy, and could fully eliminate your power bill for life!

Ronald BronsonFrom the DIY Workshop of Ronald Bronson, Alternative Energy Enthusiast and creator of Free Power Blueprint

Hello, my name is Ronald Bronson, and I’m going to show you how to eliminate your power bill. My Free Power Blueprint kit is going to show you how to build a magnetic free energy generator, which is a device which increases energy efficiency, and propels itself perpetually using a series of magnets. When properly implemented, this device can power your whole household for free.

Ronald Bronson

Would you like to eliminate your power bill, and stop being held hostage by the power company and their ever-rising power bills?

My Free Power Blueprint will teach you how to build a zero point free energy generator, which works by itself, power itself without needing any external sources of energy or raw materials. By implementing this device, you will be able to generate absolutely free energy, which in turn, will decrease or even completely eliminate your power bill.

Whether you want to slightly reduce your power bill or completely eliminate it, my Free Power Blueprint is the solution that will help you.

Why pay $1000′s of dollars to the power company each year, when you can build a free energy generator for only a fraction of that price?!

This kind of technology can completely eliminate the energy crisis in the world. It’s fairly simple and cheap to make. You’re probably wondering, if there is technology that creates free energy, why haven’t you heard about it? It is because the large energy corporations are actively suppressing this technology.

The Free Power Blueprint introduces a rarely known method which has been deliberately suppressed over the years. Few years ago, after a nearly decade of research and experimenting, I created the first working prototype of the free energy generator. I showed a working version of my generator to several close associates. The next day, when I came back to my office, I noticed that my office has been raided. To my big shock, all my prototypes were taken along with some other technical documents regarding the generator. During the following days I received an anonymous phone call, telling me to stop all work on the generator, and never to attempt to redevelop it, and if I didn’t comply to what was instructed, I would face devastating consequences.

I have had enormous hurdles in my research for free energy, and there were certain individuals who tried everything they could to stop me for releasing the plans to the generator which is giving me absolutely free energy. If everyone was to implement this device, the profits of the energy corporations would be greatly reduced. They wouldn’t want this to happen, they want to take YOUR money. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

I didn’t give up, I fully developed the plans for free energy, and published them here for the world to see

I knew I was onto something major with my generator, and I simply didn’t want to let it go. Under severe secrecy, another 3 years were spent working on the generator, and I finally was able to redevelop a working generator. I kept strong, and perfected my free energy generator, and managed to publish it on the internet, and share it with the world. I created a detailed step-by-step blueprint, and have made a Do-it-yourself guide explaining everything as simple as possible, so that even a complete technical novice would be able to build this device and generate absolutely free energy. There are several diagrams and pictures that make the building process even easier. Even if you are a complete technical novice, you will be able to construct the generator.

I have had over a 100 happy users, and some of them have e-mailed me with their thoughts of my free energy generator.

This is what some of the people that tried and used the Free Power Blueprint think:

Bruno MurrayI didn’t know what to think of Free Power Blueprint, when I first saw it, I had never heard of a magnetic free energy before. I decided to give it a try. I decided to build this device to try to save a bit of energy. I gathered all the necessary material, and followed your instructions. The building procedure was simpler than I thought. I have created did as an addition to the current power system that I had, and I’m noticing an increase in energy efficiency of about 35%. Pretty happy so far, I’m planning on building an additional generator that will power a larger chunk of my house. I’m curious to see the additional increase in energy efficiency this will bring.

- Bruno Murray – Perth, Australia -

Thank you for trying to make the world a better place with your device. I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the Free Power Blueprint, I work as a carpenter, and am used to building various things. I found your machine very easy to build. It’s been over 2 months that I’ve been using it, and I’m already having a noticeable decrease in my power bill.

- Moses Zahari – Calgary, Canada -

Jason and Maria HadawayI would like to thank you for writing the Free Power Blueprint. I’ve been following the Free Power Blueprint step by step, so I started with the tips you presented for preserving energy. After implementing the tips you presented in the first chapter my power bill was reduced for almost 15%, so even though I still haven’t constructed the generator, the guide already paid for itself. I’m looking forward to finishing the generator so I could eliminate my power bill completely.

- Jason and Maria Hadaway – San Bernardino, California -

These are just a few of the hundreds of happy Free Power Blueprint users from all over the world, who are saving money as we’re speaking.

With Free Power Blueprint, I have created a complete easy-to-follow kit so that you can easily create and setup your own free energy machine which works at zero point.

Building this device can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars from your power bill.

All the material needed to build my generator is easily obtainable, you won’t have any problem finding the parts

I have designed my generator in such a way, so that everyone would be able to obtain all the necessary parts with ease. All the raw material you need can be easily obtained at a local hardware store. The raw materials needed are fairly basic and common, so you will be able to easily obtain them, no matter in which part of the world you live. The required raw materials are low cost, the total cost of all parts and materials, is less than 100$.

My Free Power Blueprint contains over 50 pages with high-quality information. The whole building process has been simplified to a point that literally anyone would be able to build this. I have included several diagrams to make the building process even easier.

Once you’ve set up your generator, and started saving on electricity. You could start building my generators for your friends. I encourage you to share this technology with everyone and spread the word, because the more people know about this, the better for all of us, and the less we’ll have to pay to the power companies.

One of my customers from Huntsville, Alabama has even started a local business, building and selling these generators, he has informed me that he’s already have several happy customers, and is planning on expanding his business.

Prepare to complete eliminate your power bill, and say goodbye to the ever-rising electricity bills

My Free Power Blueprint can be implemented on a smaller scale, or on a larger scale. By implementing it on a smaller scale, the magnetic free energy generator acts as a supplement to your current power system, and it provides the grid with additional electrical energy. You could save anywhere from 25-50% on your power bill by implementing the free power blueprint on a smaller scale.

If you decide to build the generator on a larger scale, it can completely eliminate your power bill. The magnetic generator will perpetually by itself, without needing any kind of fossil fuels or source of renewable and non-renewable energy, it literary runs by itself. The large-scale generator will independently power your home.

Here’s some of the features and benefits that my Free Power Blueprint has:

Free Power Blueprint

  • Fairly compact device, requires a small amount of space, can work in every home.
  • Works in all conditions, isn’t affected by climate, can work in both hot or cold without any problem.
  • It can eliminate the power bill by 20-50% when implemented on a small scale, and it can eliminate the power bill completely when implemented on a full scale.
  • The material needed to build it is easily obtainable anywhere in the world.
  • The process has been simplified to the bone, even if you’re a novice, you will be able to do this.
  • Contains a free bonus chapter on reducing oil dependency and energy conservation.
  • Runs quietly and it’s eco-friendly, it doesn’t pollute the environment.
  • Doesn’t contain any hazardous parts or components, the device is safe, even if you have little children in your household.

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P.S – My Free Power Blueprint is quickly becoming the most popular guide for generating free energy and reducing the power bill. Don’t be fooled! Take action NOW by investing in Free Power Blueprint and you can have FREE source of energy right at your fingertips!